Thursday, 14 March 2013

Fetishes: PISS

There are two great liquids that come out of a man’s cock.  Glorious cum, of course.  And golden piss.  How is it possible that we can’t always remember when a fetish was born?  I have a faint recollection of hearing Madonna say that she liked to pee in the shower.  I think I gave that a whirl shortly after, in my late twenties.  Fast forward to today wherein I’m a bonafide piss junkie.

My fantasy is to be involved in a group piss scene.  But in the meantime, I’ve been lucky enough to meet other pissers who love it as much as I do.  I’m a giver and a receiver.   Let’s make a laundry list of the ways I’ve played with piss, shall we?  If you came over for some piss play, here’s what I might suggest we do:  drink from the tap, piss in and on our clothes, piss in our beer and enjoy,  fill a glass with piss and enjoy (preferably both our piss mixed together), piss in bed (I have a great mattress cover bought online through Fort Troff), piss in our faces, in our pits and lick them clean....shall I go on?

Because I only put dicks in asses with condoms on, I haven’t had the pleasure of pissing in a buddy’s ass, nor vice versa.  But I think the wildest thing I ever did was to save up my piss for a few weeks in whisky and coke bottles, until I had  20-25 bottles.  With an awesome piss pig, we stopped up the tub and filled it with hot water, and then put the saved piss bottles in to warm.  When the piss was warmed up, we emptied the tub of water, stopped it up again and dumped all the piss in the tub.  We got in with our clothes and had sex and talked and smoked and had sex some more, peeling off our clothes slowly in the process.  This old piss was rank, and divine.

On Xtube, I met a fellow piss pig who can shoot his piss so damn far, it’s a wonder to behold.  He mentioned that he experienced cumming and pissing at the same time, a feat I’ve never experienced.  What I love is that you can piss all night, many times over, whereas cumming might be a one-shot deal, pardon the pun.

Oddly enough, I don’t relate a piss scene to a humiliation role play.  Years ago, a friend revealed an experience in which he was being picked on by bullies as he sat on the grass eating a sandwich.  He tried to ignore them and eat in peace when he felt the unmistakable warmth of piss wetting his back.  I could see the humiliation of this experience relive itself as he related this story to me.  What I didn’t have the temerity to ask was whether that experience had in any way morphed into a fascination with piss play for its inherent humiliation factor, as can happen.  How many of us were secretly attracted to the homophobes who made our lives miserable?

It’s You Readers who continually crack my head wide open when you write to me about your sexual likes and dislikes.  You make me rethink things.  For example, I had always thought I preferred the taste of piss watered down, by water or beer, etc.  But one of You wrote to me and revealed that the rank piss that isn’t watered down at the start of a piss scene is great too.  Hmmmmm...

When masturbating, I’ve been known to place a tarp under my chair at the computer, watch piss porn and piss whenever the need strikes, right there at the computer.  Taking it a step further, I was emboldened by vids on Xtube wherein men piss trashed their whole room or house or garage.  I’ve gotten as far as piss trashing the bathroom.  This means spraying my golden stuff all over the bathroom, not caring where it ended up.  There was a primal freedom in marking territory like a dog.

Three nights ago, I chatted with a guy on, and revealed my fantasy of going away for a weekend to a secluded place, where in the summer warmth we could piss outside to our hearts content, pissing on each other all weekend, staying naked and wet away from the real world.  This guy said he had a little place outside the city.  Now wouldn’t that be fun...


  1. Ahhhh Piss from the great penis. I have gone through cycles of deep need to taste myself, hose myself clothed, unclothed mostly but experiencing the drenching from my penis is amazing....I have always believed that if it comes from my penis then it must be GOOD! I have had very far....experiences with piss and other men but the ones I have had have been a gutteral, primal and down right nasty as I wished them to be. When I find myself craving the smell and the raw nature of myself so much that I need to taste the first piss of the day, I know I am set to get my sense of what being an animal in play really is. I am a true voyuer when it comes to mens piss...I love to watch men with extremely strong pee streams who flood themselves with the yellow nectar. I like the sound. I get lost in visualizing the size of the slit as it spreads open to release the stench of sex and manhood.
    I started to love it innocently enough during my extensive masturbation sessions as a way to not get up from where I sat to piss, so I started collecting it in a bucket beside me....but then I started to love sticking my erection into the warm pool, then pouring it over my engorged meat, then allover me...licking tasting then full gulps of heightened the masturbation which is ALWAYS my driving force.
    It seems that as I write I am coaxing myself back into a need for it....a lust for swelling penis tells me that it is truth to reckoned with....and so it is. Jay

    1. That transcendent piece of writing made MY dick swell. What a pleasure to hear from you again Jay.....When you mentioned the "size of the slit as it spreads open to release the stench of sex and manhood", well, dammit, I'd never considered that. I most certainly will write of piss in a worshipful way. I get that. "it heightened the masturbation which is ALWAYS my driving force." I second that emotion. Jason

  2. Jason, you inspire me...I write for you with the knowledge that you will get me and what I experience. I would love to sit and talk with you though I suspect our talking would dissolve into some undefined blissful interaction. It's funny but sometimes when I read what you write, I can almost hear your voice even though I have never really heard it. Love this blog, love your looking at, you really inspire my internal beast. Jay

  3. This response will have to be written in parts because there is so much to tell...

    I first related piss to sex accidentally. I vividly remember that summer Saturday afternoon after coming home from the beach. I loved to wait until I got home to take my Speedos off and masturbate. This particular afternoon I was watching myself bate in front of a full-length mirror. I had been working out quite a bit, and I was admiring the progress I had made. My cock felt great; rock hard and still somewhat clammy from the salt water in the Speedos. I had to piss, and I wasn't ready to stop what I was doing. I stretched out on the floor in front of the mirror, and just fixated on my cock...not touching, but letting this strange feeling in my cock totally overwhelm me. There was something coming up my dick...and I was so into what was happening that I really couldn't tell what that "something" was. Cum? Piss? I knew I couldn't touch my cock at was going to have to do what it needed to do on its own. For about fifteen minutes I stared at it; hypnotized. It was ready to let something go, and I knew that at some point I would have to flex my cock to get whatever-it-was out. That moment came. I flexed, and at first a strong river of precum spurted out and landed on my stomach, followed by a thick river of piss. It felt, though, like I was cumming...and I was experiencing what I would later learn to be one a full-body orgasm. Flex after flex of my cock, and the piss was squirting everywhere. I didn't give a damn where it went. The whole event was so good that I did not even feel the need to cum. I had found a new toy, and I intended to learn how to use it. So, like Addict, I came into piss by not wanting to stop masturbating to go to the bathroom.

    For the next fifteen years, I incorporated pissplay into most of my jerk-off sessions. My bate sessions have always been fairly drawn-out and involved, and piss just added one more dimension. I mastered pissing with an erection, learned to drink it, got into soaking myself with piss...either straight from the hose, or saving it in a jug and pouring it all over myself. Then I discovered distance pissing. Just how far could I shoot this? My record, which would happen at the PissOlympics in Atlanta in 1996, is nine feet up into the air laying on my back, and 21 feet across a room...both with an erection. But that would be years later. Even though I lived in a good-sized southern city with a large gay population, I had no way of connecting with any other guys who were into this, but I knew that when I finally found one, I would have an audience, and I could label myself as an exhibitionist.

    And yes, I'm the guy from xtube Jason mentioned. We've been helping each other get even more into piss for the past few months, and we've learned from each other. Thanks, buddy!

    1. I fully concur that Rod is a buddy I made on xtube! I saw a video of his distance shooting piss, and instantly wrote to him. We've been f(r)iends ever since. Rod, I do recall you sharing this story with me privately, and I love that now it's here. Rod, didn't you once say that you had experienced cumming and pissing at the same time? Or is that wishful thinking on my part lol? To my Readers, Rod knows his piss, he has his PhD (Piss high Distance). Rod, I'm hoping there's more to your piss journey to share here.

  4. Rod, I was living in Atlanta at the time of the Olympics, 1996....too bad I didn't meet you then. It sounds like our experiences with masturbation and the evolution to piss being incorporated are very similar and very wanted. I'd love to interact with you more on this subject of piss, masturbation and the full body orgasmic tidal waves of pleasure.
    Reading about your mirror bate session above has a dizzying primal effect on me. My visualization of it is rather intense. Jay

  5. Hey Readers, I started this essay by saying "There are two great liquids that come out of a man’s cock. Glorious cum, of course. And golden piss. " But a Reader pointed out to me that I had forgotten to add precum. I totally agree and see it as a separate thing from cum. Precum deserves it's own essay.

  6. Addict/Jay: I just sent you some email in response to your last post. If it doesn't show up, you might want to check your spam since that's where it will probably end up!

  7. Jason, you asked about pissing and cumming at the same time. Yes, it can be done. I have seen some videos where men were doing some boner pissing. They jerked their hard cocks and seemingly pissed without any effort. At the end of their piss, the last spurts were of cum, not piss. Anatomically, it's supposed to be impossible to do it at the same time, but it can be done. It takes some kind of hypnosis, but it's nothing more than mind over matter. On several occasions, I have been pissbating - shooting and squirting piss out of an erect cock, and while I'm jerking, have shot a load of cum right in the middle of it. The odd part about it is that it feels only slightly different from what had already been happening. I can easily have a piss orgasm while I'm doing a boner piss, and tossing out a load of cum at the same time is one more part of the orgasm.

    Is there a technique to this? Yes...and it takes awhile to learn. You've got to be able to stay boned up while at the same time relaxing the muscles in your cock just a little so that whatever needs to come out can squirt out at will. This is what is happening when I piss and cum simultaneously. I will admit, though, that it's not an every time thing. Things just have to be working right for it to happen, and sometimes it's a total surprise.

  8. Piss Journey II: In 1993, I moved to Atlanta. Actually, I thought I was moving to Atlanta. In reality, I was moving to a town of 900 people that was "25 miles and 100 years from Atlanta." It was the best move I could have ever made, but I was NOT in the city. Over the next three years, I thought nothing about getting in the car, driving the 25 miles [an hour's drive during rush hour] for some sort of sex hook up. I had many...and then AOL chat rooms and local "boards" came online and I met some guys into piss.

    Every one of them were into piss in a different way. A few scenarios - some funny - about my coming out in the world of Atlanta piss.
    a] the first one was a hot guy that didn't get into piss until the next morning. It was that rank, dark, amber morning piss. We did it in the shower. That's all we did. No sex...just pissing in the shower. He thought that was what watersports was.
    b] the tall, skinny biker-type guy...homeless-looking, but totally piss-focused. He hosted monthly piss parties. I never missed one of them in the two years he hosted them. There was other group sex activities going on, but the main focus was the bathroom which had been built onto the house specifically for piss parties. Pissing with the biker guy was relaxed, and didn't involve cumming at the end.
    c] a guy nicknamed "Almost Housebroken" who could blast a stream of piss across a room about like I could. We admired each other's talents, and got together privately...once. During that scene, he changed into a guy who used piss in a humiliating way. "Down on your knees, boy, and drink daddy's piss." "Open your mouth, boy...let me blast your throat with my man piss." Not my style...not into degradation, humiliation, or using piss as a crutch for an inferiority complex.
    d] hot-looking dude at an orgy wanted to get into piss, but at his place. I made plans to spend the night. We got into it pretty well, but we did it in the bathroom. It was obvious that he was a very neat, tidy person, because his house was spotless. We got into some pretty serious piss play, and I blasted piss everywhere. Soon, though, he shot a load. Immediately, he got out a whole battalion of cleaning supplies and spent the next hour totally decontaminating the bathroom. I was afraid that he was going to come after ME with the bottle of Clowhite, and I quietly got my stuff and drove home.
    e] the guy who lived in a double-wide up in North Georgia. We played together several times, usually doing it in the really big jacuzzi/garden tub. One night he had candles lit around the perimeter of the tub. One blast of my piss splattered into a burning red candles, and I sprayed red wax all over the wall of the bathroom. When I went back the next time, the wall was covered with mirrors. A nice touch, but he put them there because the wax wouldn't come out of the walls.
    f] At a gay resort in North Georgia, piss guys would literally come out of the woods. Because my normal campsite was at the intersection of three trails, there were many times that guys would sit in chairs around my campfire and piss across the campfire onto each other. They was just a brotherhood thing...guys unabashedly pissing with each other while enjoying the applause when you actually could piss all the way across the fire.
    g] The guy I was with a half-dozen times. There was a definite connection, and from him I learned that eye contact could be as directly hard-wired to your cock as your nipples can be. When the two of us pissed together, we were on a different plane. Where did this guy go?

    Great times...and so many different ways to do it! Just at the high point of my involvement with pissing all over the capital of Georgia, I began a relationship that has lasted 15 years. That's part III.

    1. Unbelievable. You know what? Starting this blog was by far the most interesting, exciting, inspiring thing I've ever done. Rod, I'd never heard these stories from you, and am frankly so freakin happy to have them on my blog. Reading what you wrote, I had a mixture of three emotions: 1) Titillation, since the stories are a piss lover's dream. 2) Jealousy, since I've not experienced half of what you have and 3) Sadness, yes sadness, because I thought "I'll never be able to catch up to Rod and his experiences. However, now that I'm in Toronto, I've met some guys on recon into piss. So I'm hoping to add to my arsenal of stories. Rod, you could write a blog devoted solely to piss. I had one question: There was the guy who used piss as a way of humilating his sub, if you will. Do you feel that that behavior always reflects an inferiority complex necessarily? Rod, looking forward to Part III! Jason

  9. Jason, you said it...unbelievable (rhetorical) but accurate. I too have never experienced even a tenth of what Rod has but the experiences I have had were a mixed bag of pluses and minuses. I, sadly, am not a distance pisser and have only had multiple guys at once in piss at a sex club in San Fran, some years ago. At that time I was not really ready....the learning curve had not curved but the titillation was there. Because I am such a solosexual,my focus has been on how much I can accomplish alone and I have gone deep into my self pissing hole with a real commitment to enjoying whatever my cock seems to ask, after all I feel that I must do as the cock directs....the relationship is symbiotic. One thing I learned early on...get over trying to keep an eye on where piss goes...let it go, the freedom of what occurs during sexual pissing is how you achieve or maximize the pleasure.
    I love that humiliation and degradation comes up because for me that is just not a part of how I interpret my lust for my piss....I see an empowering force in self pissing as it completes a realtionship with the cock that I love everything could humiliation occur when I am enjoying myself so deeply....pissing for my tasting, pissing for the enjoyment of mansmells, pissing to experience the power of my cock is unifying not degrading. EVERYTHING that I do with my cock is about empowering myself as the self satifier. Pissing for my enjoyment is enriching...I drink my piss, I eat my cock, one man, one love!

  10. This isn't part three, but a response to the question you asked about the guy who used humiliation to cover up an inferior complex. I had been thinking about that since I had written the comment. I've come up with four reasons people would use piss for humiliation purposes.
    1] having an inferiority complex; this is definitely a touchy subject, because no one knows what is really happening in another person's mind. However, if the subconscious has been saying "inferior," then the conscious is going to act on it and do something to neutralize those signals.

    2] role-playing/acting: this is nothing more than acting out a fantasy, or - simply acting. I've had to do that on occasion, and I'm not comfortable with it, but the results are the same...humiliation. It's all related to fantasy, nor appeasing the subconscious.
    3] expectations of the other person. If this is what the other person wants, then that's what they are going to get if the "top" is aware of his partner's needs and desires.
    4] categorizing oneself. Part of this is ignorance; the other part is having to make a declaration. The ignorance comes out of thinking that if something un-vanilla such as piss is involved, then it HAS to be in the realm of S&M, which seems to require slave/master categories. Because of this, the man declares himself to be a 'top' and tries to fulfill what he thinks the role requires. We see so many "top" / "bottom" declarations on websites that we think we have to be one or the other. It is possible to be neutral and just get into some piss play with another dude that likes doing the same thing. No declaration required...just fun.

    And I'm still not sure that covers all the bases.

  11. Piss Journey III: so I got hitched. My partner knew about my love of watersports before we met thanks to the miracles of the internet. His reaction was pretty much "okay, but I don't have to drink it, do I?"

    So I took a break from piss to devote my sexual energy to the relationship. We ended up being bate buds instead of suck/fuck lovers because....well, neither of those worked for us. After about five years, even the excitement of bating together wore off, and I was once again on my own for sexual fulfillment. We're still together after 15 years, but sexually we go our separate ways.

    SO...I fulfilled myself, and got inventive. It was during this time that I got to the point where "Addict" is...not caring where it goes. My piss play is contained to my bate room [the upstairs den], the garage, and the master bathroom. If I'm there, wherever it lands is fair game. Most of it happens in the den since I hate using the bathroom for its intended purpose. [In case you're thinking...doesn't it stink in there? No...there's a great product called Fresh Wave that will take any lingering piss aroma away.]

    During this time, it got to be sexual just to mow the lawn. Why? You guessed it: you can piss to your heart's content on a zero-turn radius mower. Anybody that sees it is going to think it's sweat or that you spilled something. I liked standing on the front porch wearing my pissjeans, pissing in them at the top of the steps. When nobody was home, I would wear them around the house and just cut loose when I needed [or wanted] to. One time I even rode down Main Street in town on my golf cart and let go. Now that I read this, I know there are those that would think "that's a sick little man there." Twisted, Definitely. Kinky? only the first time. Sick? Perhaps, but it's not a life-threatening illness.

  12. Part IIIa...

    Other self-piss exploits include using sounds and pissing while one was in my cock, and catheters. The sounds are okay, and I use them occasionally. Catheters just, well, hurt. Although there is this amazing feel of totally losing bladder control when the piss is released, there is something about taking one step into the clinical arena that kind of ruins it for me. During my piss play, I collect my piss in a jug and drink it while I bate. I will put a washcloth in there and wipe myself down with my piss, and if it's warm enough I will piss in my 501s and just let them dry while I'm wearing them.
    Recently I discovered "J-jelly." This is a lubricant used by vets, and when rubbed into a pair of 501s before you piss, it causes the piss to turn slick. When allowed to dry, instead of just getting the piss smell, the piss doesn't soak into the denim, but mixes with the jelly and forms a crust on the surface of the jeans. I'm learning to love this stuff!

    Then, I decided that I had played alone long enough. While I was totally satisfied with all of my self-pissing experiences, I wanted to share those experiences with somebody else, and to learn some new piss techniques, as well. There have been, in the last two years, about a dozen guys with whom I have hooked up. What I was - and am - looking for is one or two guys who like piss the way I like it. Out of the dozen, I have found one that is also solosexual enough to get into piss with me for his own pleasure. There are others out there, but unfortunately they live in places like Canada, Italy, or San Francisco.

    And then there are the videos. I would have never thought that I would be making porn! I'll admit that sometimes it's distracting, disillusioning, and a basic pain in the butt, but when I'm doing it well, and I'm pleased with the results, it's a turn-on. [Yes, I've gotten off watching my piss videos.] I've found that there are a lot more guys out there who are into piss, and have even gotten comments from some guys that they hadn't thought about piss play until they watched one of my videos. They tried it, and they were hooked. The videos have helped me make some good friends, resulted in a few piss dates, and have made me be more creative in the ways that I do it. I would also like to believe that they have helped some people explore their own sexual fantasies.

    Where do I go from here? Where I really need to go is to Palm Springs in July when they have the annual Waterboys piss weekend. I'm stopped by having to go by myself, the cost, being a lot older than most of the men,and the fear that the group will be 99% into the leather aspect of pissplay, and I just won't fit into that scene. I tried it; it's not me. My next step may be to get into Skype. Lots of guys have asked, but I'm just not there yet.

    Perhaps there will be a Part IV.

  13. There are indeed more guys into piss than you'd imagine. I just moved to Toronto, and using only, I've connected with 4 guys for whom piss play is the major thing. I have a hook up planned with one, the first Toronto play I'll have yet had. We're going to meet at the Eagle to start loading up on beer to recycle later. Cheers! Jason

  14. I didn't think Part IV would come this soon, nor did I think it would happen in the manner that it did.

    It all started with me driving to a neighboring state in the deep south for a bate session with a guy I had met on BateWorld. Plans that we had for hooking up in January didn't work out, so I drove three hours for a hotel bate session with this guy. This guy was really into bating, but wasn't into piss in any way. Since I can be persuaded to engage in a bate session without pissing, I had a great time. It lasted four hours, and it was over.

    Later, I went exploring the area, and came back to my hotel. I planned to settle down and read some magazines I had brought from home. I heard the Scruff message signal go off. I don't use Scruff all that much, but I had changed my location on there so that I could see if there was anyone close by...just out of nosiness. This is what happened:

    The message says..."hi, what's up."
    I said, "Just hangin' out. You?"
    "Just kicking back at the Comfort Inn."
    "lol," I responded, "on the fourth floor?"
    "Yes," he said, "where are you?"
    I told him I was on the fourth floor, as well, and that I would invite him down for a beer if I had one.
    "I have some. Come on down," he said.
    He then said to text him when I was headed his way, and he would leave the door ajar. I thought "so this is going to be one of those times where you walk in, the guy is naked, and expects you to have sex with them just because you're gay." ...and I almost didn't go. But, I went. He was in a chair, fully dressed and could have been my 20-year younger twin brother. We had a couple of beers. He asked me what brought me to town, and I was honest. "A hook-up with a guy from nearby." For once I used some conversation to turn the discussion around to sex. I told him that the guy had seen some of my videos on xtube, and wanted to get together. He said, "You have videos on Xtube? I have to see them. He said he had been looking at videos and liked a bunch of piss xtube video. I asked him to show me some....and the guy had six of my videos on his favorites list! I said, "you must like this one since you have so many of his vids on there." He said that he had never seen anybody piss like this guy, and that he could drink every drop of what he had to squirt out. I took his laptop, signed in on xtube so that I could
    "show him a couple of my favorites," then went to my videos and played the one where I show my face. He saw it, stood up, and said "take your clothes off. I can't believe a famous porn star is going to piss on me." He asked if I was "played out" from earlier today, and I told him that I may not be able to follow through with a load, but that I could piss on command anytime. So for the next hour...we pissed. Three beers helped. I even got hard and was able to perform like normal. No load...didn't care.

    Yep, I'm a road whore. And Famous. Will there be a Part V? I know what I would like for it to be, but that will remain my secret.

    1. This is by far the most far out xtube story I've ever heard! What are the chances? I can only imagine the shocked look on the dude's face!

  15. The look on his face: I like to think of it as "starstruck."